Domaine Buisson Battault



A family-run Domaine for several generations with the presence of four "crus" from Meursault on offer. They always remained loyal to the typicity of the "terroir".  As such, labor (no pesticides are used) and the maturation in oak barrels for 18 months (with only 20% of new barrels) remain their time-tested methods.  The majority of the family's holdings are small lots of Premier Cru vineyards in and around the village of Meursault. Their most notable holding is their 3.9 acres of the Premier Cru Gouttes d'Or vineyard, in which they are the largest landowner and produce roughly thirty percent of the wine from that vineyard.  Buisson-Battault makes a total of about 2500 cases of wine each year. More than 60% of the wine never leaves France, and only a minuscule amount of it has gotten to the States.